Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well....maybe she is a weirdo?!?

Well...maybe she is a weirdo!

Katie likes it when people think she is funny. It's one of her favorite things.
Just like me. So when I told her the title for this picture...
she laughed.



Did I tell you I made strawberry jam for the first time last month?

It's delicious but runny.

I followed the directions EXACTLY.

I hate when that happens. Following directions should count for something.

I don't think I am cut out for this trying new recipes and cooking thang.

(And by the way, I spell recipes wrong nearly every time I write it. Perhaps it's a sign.)



It's that time of year again!



It's the ice cream truck!!!
Mom!!! Do you have a dollar???

The Ice Cream Man!!!

Exciting stuff, I tell ya!
Hooray for July!

What would you choose from the Ice Cream truck?

I think I would pick a Dreamcicle.
Or a Chocolate Eclair bar.

Encourage one another,

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