Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I love the photography websites I visit that have really big pictures.
Due to my old blogspot template I am limited.
Unless I put up a vertical shot like this.
This fits.

But it kind of doesn't fit.

I wonder if I should make a separate photography blog but I just don't think I can manage Quiet Life and a big fancy photography blog. It would cost a bit too. And I don't have a bit to spare on something I am not sure is necessary.

So, until I make it big, I guess I will stick with my humble blog and post pictures that are too small.

And every once in a while freak you all out with a giant picture of a girl.

(By the way, the photo of Katie was edited in Lightroom with Sesame Ellis preset called Quiet Time.)

I like her hand in this picture. It looks very graceful.
And her eyes and her hair.
And the mark on her hand from the fair.


I have neglected to tell you that we saw the Blue Angels when we were in Florida!!

It was a spur of the moment decision to drive over toward Pensacola and see what we could see.

We heard the crowds would be huge. That was not appealing to us at all.

But Katie was so burnt and I didn't really want her to be in the sun and Patrick was looking for something to do,
I suggest heading in the direction of the airshow.

I thought, lets just drive that way. If we see any jets we can pull over and watch.

And so we drove about forty minutes and saw a big fat plane circling above and thought we might be close.
And then to the left, we saw a sign for a beach. Along the entrance, right off the road we were driving on, were about 50 cars parked and people were walking.

So we pulled over and parked.

We walked thru the trees on a sandy path. Before us was a beach that faced Pensacola.
And I kid you not, four jets came roaring right toward us!

We didn't even know when the show started.

Turns out. It started right when we arrived! Two o'clock.

We were at a distance for most of the tricks but we had plenty of wonderfully loud jets scream over our heads...
and we were happy.

We love the blue angels more than anything.
We love their power and the way they tear thru the sky.

They are the coolest thing EVER!

Go here to see their schedule for the rest of the summer;

Blue Angels Schedule

(Use the yellow arrows in the right hand corner to page down.)


Here is a picture I found on the internet of the color I like for the bathroom.

Patrick likes gray. I like this shade of gray.
Now we just have to figure out what it is called.

I like the matching gray towels and that pretty frosty mirror.

It's a pretty bathroom.

Almost done scraping.

Katie had a great day playing with a little girlfriend from school.
She was very happy.

Thank you for your kind words on her behalf yesterday.

Encourage one another,

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