Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I learned to use a new feature on my D700 yesterday.

Emma modeled for me.

Do you see that she is a nice, pretty color?
Do you see that she is not blue?

I did not edit the color in photoshop.
I am one happy photographer.

Soon, I will share with you the little, easy adjustment I used in the camera to get the color right.

(I remember Audrey doing something similar when I was at her workshop, but I had other issues on my mind at the time.)

We are headed to Florida on Wednesday for a wedding. My sister Sue's son is getting married!
Destination wedding! Woot!

We can not believe it, but all seven of the Glyman children will be at the wedding!!!
One boy, six girls.

All of us.

I can not wait to just sit and look at all of their beautiful faces and listen to their lovely voices and laugh and drink it all in!!!

Two sleeps.

Just two sleeps and we will be together.

By the way, it has been ten years since we have all been together.
I was expecting Katie.

Inconceivable! (That's for Janice ;o)

I will try to blog from Florida...but I can not promise I will.
Check the comments for updates if you don't see anything on this page for a week.

Hey! And if anyone in the Destin/Fort Walton beach would like to book a session...give me a jingle.
I think I could fit someone in on Sunday!

Oh! Funny story.

Yesterday, Katie came with me while I shopped for a few fresh and new tops to wear on the wedding weekend.
I rarely shop for myself.

I think Katie liked Talbots. She was very sweet to say,

"I like this. This is pretty." "If this was smaller, I would buy it."

I was determined and rather serious as I always am when I am faced with the dressing room.

But as we checked out, Katie said,

"I know what you can do. You can come here when I'm in school."
"I guess I could." I said with a chuckle.


Encourage one another,

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