Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No we don't live in the slums.
It just looks like it, right now.



The condition of the walls under the wallpaper border is a horrid mess.

Huge chunks of paint come off with the border. Right down to the dry wall.


These are the not so handy-dandy tools.
In fact, I am using a pampered chef scraper.

The biggest tool on this job is none other than the old fashioned, elbow grease.

"You should get paid to do this." says Katie as she peeks in the door.




As would be expected, the top row of border is the hardest to remove.

I think I have two more days of scraping. (three hours each day)
Then I will attempt to patch the walls with joint compound.


Then I will sand it to make it match.


Friday I should be priming with a little sand mixed in to match the surface.


And then it will be ready for a fresh coat of paint.


Wish me luck. I need it.


And what is Katie doing while you are working in the lovely bathroom?

After searching the neighborhood for a friend, she came home.

"I wish Carrie was here. She would play with me."

We live in the stupidest neighborhood in the world.

Children who won't come out to play.

You would think Katie is a bad, evil weird-o or something.

And she is not. Really. She is perfectly normal.

Just wants to play outside in the summer with other children.

But the few that are home.... Don't want to come out to play.

I asked Katie, "Do you swear and hit and kick and punch the other children?"

And she said, "no".

So I ordered up a movie for her to watch on Tivo: Hotel for Dogs.
And I asked her to change the sheets on a bed and do the laundry.

And she did it.

She is a sweetie.

I will never, ever understand it.

Remind me to call a little classmate of Katie's before noon so we can plan a playdate...
seems to be the only thing to do.

Keep your fingers crossed that we can find someone willing to play with my little outcast.

Encourage one another,

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