Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good morning.

I loaded a free action into my actions palette this morning and I
wanted to share it with the photographers out there.

I have used Rachel Devine/ Sesame Ellis actions for years. They are at the top of my list.
Part of my work flow. Yesterday Rachel offered a new, free black and white on her Facebook page.

You may go and get it if you like.

Coppery Black and White Action from Rachel

I like it. It looks very old to me.
On city shots, it really has an old picture look.



Thank you Rachel.


If you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen.

Conan said this as he concluded his short run on The Tonight Show.
It's one of my favorite quotes of all time.

To do anything well, most of us must work really hard.

Children don't understand this. I have had to urge my children NOT to quit a new task
so many times.

Take handwriting.

Katie looks at my handwriting and says she can not write as pretty as I can.
I tell her, I have been writing for 50 years. I have been practicing.

If you keep at it. If you care. You will write just as pretty.

Same with just about anything in life, don't you think.

If you care.
If you keep at it.

You will improve.

A young woman asked me in the email yesterday what she could do to improve her photography.

I said.

Take a lot of pictures. Every day.

As MFS says, Read. Think. Learn.

I add. Look. Shoot. Repeat.

Even when it is hard....and it takes longer for you than it takes for someone else.

(my life story)


Challenge yourself.
Your children.

Help them learn to persevere.

Sometimes we don't get better (like me and snow skiing)
but sometimes we do.

And that is when we see those amazing things happen.

Encourage one another,

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