Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Imagine how fun it is to bop around San Francisco....
And then imagine doing it with a bunch of happy, camera toting women.

It really is the prettiest city.
It is no wonder so many people love it.

You know how we warn our children about the scary stranger?
I must have taken that to heart. I was always a very obedient little girl.
(Except when I was scratching a sibling or biting the cat)

But seriously, I have to get over my fear of strangers because I really have missed out.

I can not tell you the last time I met a mean person.

Sometimes a rare person will leave a mean comment for me over at Ree's.
Like "I could do better."

And I remember that. Now. Don't I!

But One thousand kind and thoughtful words just stomp all over that one mean comment.

From now on I will expect kindness and march into a situation filled with strangers without nerves.
I will be excited to meet with love.


Cari and Anne from Adobe and Edelman.
These women were perfectly suited for this.
They put us all at ease and made us feel special.

Light poured out from their hearts.

It was very special.
And I don't mean that in a trite way.


We visited Grace Church.
I stayed outside this time.


I have big ideas for this picture...just haven't had the time to edit it.


Since Katie wasn't with me...I asked Cari if she would model for me.
Her spectacular smile drew me to her.

DSC_5093-4 copy

Julieanne on the phone...where are you?

Oh! I'm having a photoshoot :o)

DSC_5100 copy

DSC_5109-5 copy copy

She was a little surprised when I stopped her in the middle of the street.
But LOOK at the light.

Dear Wisconsin,
Stop being so cranky.
Get some light like this, please.

DSC_5122 copy

We took a nice long trolley ride to Lombard St.

We talked and shot and I realized my camera was on RAW.




So I switched it over to jpeg and the colors came back and I was happy again.

Meet Ariana!

Ariana blogs @ Becomming Mom
She was so sick on the trip...but she still took gorgeous pictures.
She is the creator of Photographer's Wall Display Templates. They are very cool and help the professional photographer, help their clients make great choices!


Down a steep hill we walked...and I was happy not to fall and roll to the sea. Again.

You don't know steep until you have walked in San Francisco.
Well. Actually I remember Seattle having some super steep areas too.

Our land my be gloomy. But it is gloriously flat.

Dear Wisconsin,
Thank you for being flat.
It is not scary to walk your level streets.

We went to wonderful spot to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge. It was stunning and my pictures do not do it justice.

DSC_5430-6 copy

The reflection in Cari's glasses was my favorite shot even tho I have struggled with
editing it.

DSC_5333-7 copy

This was taken at the Palace of the fine arts.


Can I go ahead and love this?


This is Julieanne Kost.
She found her happy shooting spot in the warm glow of the spectacular dome.

I was honored to get to know her and follow her around, and laugh at her jokes and try to make her laugh at mine ;o)

I hope she likes this picture, cause I think it is really pretty of her.

DSC_5343-6 copy

Just over the GG Bridge is a wonderful park where you have the best view of the the bay....


And then I thought. I need a picture of me.
I handed the camera to Gayle and smiled like the happy girl I was.

She composed a perfect shot with the bridge in the distance.
Score! Gayle! Brilliant!

You must remember to get in the shot!!! Must!

We went back to our hotel rooms and rested for a bit before we went out for a
remarkable dinner at 7:00.

The restaurant was super fancy. We talked and laughed until ten.
I think that is my first three hour meal in my life.

My husband would have died.

I couldn't have been happier!

(Not that he would have died.....that it was such a perfect time of sharing and eating.)

Back in the room I turned on the sound machine and fell quickly to sleep.
(I did choose the heartbeat sound on the machine, cause that is just creepy.)

It was a loooooong, perfect day.

Thanks for reading....have I worn you out yet?
Don't worry I'll get back to my shorter posts and pictures of Katie, soon enough :o)

Encourage one another,

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