Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Academy Award Fashions.
These are my choices for best dressed.
This year Katie grabbed a piece of paper and jotted her favorites down too.
That was cute.

I'm glad she feels strong enough to have an opinion.
I yell out NOOOOOO....when I see something that just does have that something special.
Katie is brave enough to say....I like it!

When I was her age, I would never have voiced my opinion.
It makes me happy that Katie can.

She did not, however sway me ;o)


Here are my choices for best dressed...and tressed.

You must have it all going to make this list.
One woman had squished boobies, so she did not make the list.
It can be something as small as that.

It all has to be fabulous.


This young lady from True Grit was one of the first on the red carpet.
Almost no one could compare.

This is my favorite silhouette in a dress. I love the 50's.
I may have picked a sea foam green...or something that wouldn't have blended with her skin as much.
But, I am just a housefrau living in Wisconsin. What on earth do I know? :o)

I do know her hair is darling and her make up is sweet.

Welcome to the Oscars Hailee Steinfeld.


Sandra Bullock looks beautiful in red.
This look is safe but I could find no fault with it.

I may have added a necklace with gigantic diamonds and rubies....but that's just me.

When I go to the Academy Awards, my sister Cindy will be in charge of my jewels....she loves the jewelry.



How very 1960's of her. I love this look. I love this dress. I love her hair.
I'm sure she smelled like 'My Sin'.

Green jewelry was HOT. It was perhaps the biggest trend.
It didn't always work. (Amy Adams. Sorry honey. I love you.)


Halle Berry is breathtaking. That face. I am not going to say she would look good in a brown paper sack...cause she wouldn't, I have seen her in ugly dresses, but not last night.

Gorgeous girl.

I am going to google those earrings.
They must be 6 karats each. What do you think?

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow arrives at the 83rd Annual Academy Award

Gweneth looked spectacular in this slinky silver dress.
I love her tan and her straight hair and this great dress.

Unfortunately she wore a different dress that was ugly when she appeared and sang on stage.

But this look was divine.

She looks a little like a lolly-pop.
Let's blame the photographer.

83rd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

This is for all of you Helen Miren fans.
Helen's hair is fabulous. The color of this dress is unique and rich and beautiful.

We've seen this same shape on her many times. But she really has wonderful style.
Or a wonderful stylist ;o)


Speaking of stylists. Anne Hathaway (one of the hosts) wore eight dresses last night.
A red Valentino on the carpet and then seven changes on stage.
I think it was over kill. I mean. Why?
But every time she came out she looked wonderful. I want to see how the hairdressers accomplished this.
I would watch THAT documentary.

This was my favorite look of her for the night. I think it is because of her hair and makeup.
Again the cat eye make-up and pony tail just work so well.


Such a pretty picture. She reminds me of Liza Minelli in this picture.

Before I get to the best dress of the night...
I will show you the biggest mistake. IMHO.


Cate Blanchet got everything right....but the dress.

What is that? Someone said it was art and I wanted to slap them.

To me this is not art....this is trying too hard to be original.
I hate it.

And the winner is......


Meet Camila Alves. She came with Matthew McConahey-hey-hey.

I saw this arrive on the red carpet....just got a quick glance....but knew immediately
that this was my favorite look of the night.

(It was hard to find pictures because she is just a date)

Everything about this woman's appearance is right.

She is perfection. She is a ten.

She is wearing a Kaufman Franco dress.
(I am going to google him right now. I am in love with this dress.)

You look marvelous Camila.

As for the was fine.
I don't remember any speeches being special.
Colin's speech was unfortunate. It didn't make much sense to me.
But I was very happy he won.

The below clip was one of the funny parts of the show.


If you would like to see the other dresses Anne Hathaway wore

go here. Fabsugar.

Like William Goldman, I bring you the good parts version.

Enjoy the best performance of the night.


Thanks for letting me share my Oscar favorites with you.
It's really the highlight of my bloggy year.

Pathetic, I know. Shallow and meaningless.

But oh so pretty.

Who did you love?


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