Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Well. It snowed a lot.
Katie is home. She can not wait to get out there and dive into the drifts!

Patrick has dug us out already. He is a hard worker and is still on Bakery time.

We have power...and I think as long as we have's just another day in Wisconsin.

I hope you and your families are safe and warm.


The drift comes up to the door handle. That is unusually high.
Sorry about these pictures. They are just blah...that's why I didn't put them up earlier.
But Katie asked in the here they are....

Wisconsin. Snow.

Madison has lit the Capitol dome. It looks fantastic!!
You know I love colored lights on buildings...and this is so exciting.

I did not take this picture. It was inadvisable to go out last night...
but I am determined to see the dome in person before Sunday. (Super Bowl Day!!!)


This picture is credited to MP King.
Thanks MP. Hope you don't mind.


I walked around the perimeter of Target and then grabbed my Iced Chai. This added seven minutes to my walk.
So my total walking time is 21 minutes.

Today will be interesting. But I will walk.
I haven't had a chance to buy long johns yet so I will wear two pair of pants today.
Thank you for all of your advice.


Watched Media Day on ESPN this morning....
What terrible lighting! Nobody cares about lighting do they? Well they should. They all look 20 years older than they are.
I loved hearing what our Packers had to say.
Aaron says he just wants to make it thru the week without saying something stupid.

Go Pack!


We are out of one thing on this snow day.

Toilet Paper.

My husband has just headed out to see if any stores are open.
Hope he scores some Scotts!

It's a little inconvenient to be out of toilet paper.

Encourage one another,

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