Saturday, February 26, 2011

The King's Speech.

I don't know if film makers talk about film in terms of art.
Watching The King's Speech I was again and again interested and moved by the
look of the scenes. Odd walls and offset framing. Unusual angles and stark closeups.

The movie is funny and sad, tense and tender.



Colin Firth is superb.

We all love Mr. Darcy and his puppy dog look and his wet shirt and every single thing he says in Pride and Prejudice.
But you must admit, he does not cover a wide range of emotions or even facial expression as Mr. Darcy.

"Is he ever going to smile?" wonders Katie.

"Yes! He will....wait....there!!" I point out as the carriage leaves the church.

In The King's Speech Colin is remarkable. A very beautiful performance with wide range.
Absolutely all in. I loved it.

I love the script. I love the themes.
I love the cinematography. I love the foggy walk thru Regent Park. (visually stunning!)

And I loved that Lizzy and Mr. Collins are in the movie.
I'm sure you all spotted Lizzy...but did you see Mr. Collins?

You must see The King's Speech.

It is a Masterpiece.

I loved that the letters were found.
I love that these men were friends.

“In this world, full often, our joys are only the tender shadows which our sorrows cast”
Henry Ward Beecher

Try a little tenderness,

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