Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I read this quote last night for the first time and
loved it instantly.



Think about it.


Healthy girls are the coldest.
Well. At least in Wisconsin when they are participating in the Idita-walk!

Today is the start of the Idita-walk. It's a group walk challange.
I have done it two times before and completed the 1049 minutes of walking in under two months.

The deal is, we count mintuets. The doggies in Alaska count miles.

The dogs run 1049 miles in the Iditarod.
I will walk 1049 minutes.

So far today I walked 14 minutes.
I walked around the block.
It felt like 25 minutes to be honest. My legs were very cold.
It's 11 degrees and a bit breezy today.

But I wore a hat and sweater and boots and scarf and mittens...and the only place that was cold was the only
place that wasn't covered in wool.

Wool is good.

What am I going to do about my legs?

Anyway. I hope to get in four more minutes of walking so I can records my 17.77 minutes for the day.
That's the least amount I can walk a day to achieve my goal.

Some days I am sure i will walk more than 17 minutes.
But until I rack up some extra minutes I am aiming for 17 a day.

I am up off the couch.

It's official.

Go Donna Go.


Wishing you a great Tuesday!

What's for dinner?

Encourage one another,

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