Friday, February 18, 2011


Last night, Emma and I had a exchange of art and ideas on the iphone.
She was at the Art Institute.

Because she wanted to make me smile,
she sent a picture of this.


I am very fond of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

I wrote to Emma:

Thank you! I love that little Frenchman!
Seriously. Who would paint a turquoise face?

She wrote back:

Impressionists! Looking at
a van gogh with a green sky...
it's all about what they want you to feel,
it's almost-reality. but not.

I wrote:

What they want you to feel...
I really am shallow and don't think like an artist.

I think like a photojournalist.

She said:

Not many people think like artists.
I like impressionist art so much because they make the ordinary, beautiful.
Like Cassat with her simple children's paintings.

To that I agreed:

That's me. The magic of ordinary days....and people.


Perhaps I will asprire to be an photojournalist in the impressionist style.

Or just someone who loves pretty.

A simple eye...that likes pretty and happy.


Definitely NOT an artist....unless making you feel happy counts.



An ordinary the garage...squatting, with a heavy backback.

Encourage one another,


Say it ain't so.

Never before shared on blog.

I mean. Why would I want you to feel sad?


my idea of impressionistic photojournalism...

love this picture of Emma.
At the ranch. 2009

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