Thursday, February 24, 2011

She has I dream of Jeannie Eyes.



Is it just me?

Along with my 52/ 365 and my 52 faces in 2011....

I am collecting....52 blurry pictures in 2011.


It's not as easy as you may think....HA!


If you do not have a fancy camera, I wrote some words of encouragment for you
over at The Pioneer Woman/Photography.

No Excuses by Miz Boo



Oh Monday on the way to school Katie and I saw the oddest rainbow ray.

I said, "Maybe Jesus is coming!"
And she said, "Yeah!"

Then she said, "He is going to Target."

And we laughed because Target was right there...under the rainbow ray.


And here is a little scene from a typical Saturday morning.
Between basketball games.

She's goin' to a Hukilau.

Have a good day!

Be kind to one another,

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