Thursday, February 17, 2011


The morning finally arrived when we would get to go to one of Adobe's offices and have a Lightroom 3.3 lesson with Julieanne.
The San Francisco office is in a warehouse type building with high ceilings and exposed wood beams and black bolts.
We were all looking forward to learning from someone who really knows her Photoshop.

Julieanne took us through Importing in Library, editing pictures in Develop and preparing images for the Web.
She knows this 'editor' like she wrote it.....

Ah hem.

She is one of Lightroom's creators!

One feature I thought was very handy was the ability to publish right to Flickr from Lightroom.
And then if you edit your picture in Lightroom, if you choose, it will show up as the new edit on Flickr too.

Editing in Raw was actually easier for me with Lightroom.
I edited pictures while I was in the hotel room with Adobe's laptop and with Lightroom installed and I had a much easier time doing that than I did here at home trying to edit Raw with Photoshop PS3.

Now. Adobe has sent me Lightroom 3.3 but I have been too busy blogging to install it, but I
am actually excited to download my images into Lightroom and see how the editing goes on the same images I worked
on this week with Photoshop.

Two things I think a lot of you would love...

Julieanne Kost has free tutorials avaliable to watch over at Adobe TV!

Adobe TV with Julieanne Kost

You will find other teacher's teaching on Adobe TV also. It's jam packed with information.

There is also a spot to download free Presets (Lightroom Actions).

Adobe Lightroom Exchange

There are for purchase Presets on that page also, but there are plenty of free ones.


Our lesson went by in a flash and I know I will be heading over to Adobe TV to refresh my memory.
Then, when I have something super cool to show you...I will be happy to share it here with you.

With Lightroom everything is right in front of you. Visible.
The tools are not hidden away like in Photoshop.

I am comfortable with my workflow in Photoshop, but I saw four or five things in our short lesson that
entice me to look into it.

Fixing lens warp.
The White Balance dropper.
The ease of editing in Raw. For those times my finger slips and I am forced to deal with Raw.
The easy resizing and export to Flickr.

We said our goodbyes around noon....
No one wanted to stop learning and being together.

It was a dream of a trip. A dream.
Thank you Adobe.


And the cherry on top of it all....

I got to spend the rest of the day with Patrick!!!


We walked and walked and talked and ate.


Doesn't this giant arrow look like bacon?


Dog Lust. San Francisco edition.

Guess the breed of this dog!

I know my dogs....and I was surprised.


We took a break between walking and eating and visited the terrace again.
I knew the evening light would be pretty.
It's lovely for the surroundings but there is no light source in front of Patrick to speak of and his eyes are dark.


Hi Patrick! Thank you for coming down to see me!
Love you.
Mean it.


Here are my boys in 1987.

Oh my dear little boys.

I miss you. I miss being a young mommy.

Sunrise. Sunset.
Sunrise. Sunset.

Quickly fly the years.....

(Picture taken with a Canon Sureshot. Film.)


I took one camera. Nikon D700.
Three lenses. Only used two. 50mm 1.4 and 17-55 2.8

The 17-55 2.8 does not belong on my FX camera....but I wanted to use it.
I'm a rebel. That's all.



I might add.

I love.


We just get the one life, you know. Just one. You can't live someone else's or think it's more important just because it's more dramatic. What happens matters. May be only to us, but it matters.
~Ghost Town.

Signing off with a very grateful heart.

Encourage one another,

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