Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In which I reveal the movies I have never seen...nor care to see...

These movies have become part of the popular culture and
they are my demise on Jeopardy.

For someone who loves movies you will find it shocking...

here goes nothing...

1. Harry Potter 1-7
2. The Lord of the Rings 1-3
3. Twilight
4. Spiderman, Ironman, Transformers, recent Batmans. (Michael Keaton still plays Batman, right?)
4. Chicago, Dreamgirls, Nine, Mama Mia, and that one with Nicole Kidman and that English bloke.
5. The Pirate movies with Johnny Depp.
6. Avatar, Titanic, Star Wars.

This means, I have not seen 23 of the top 30 grossing movies of all time.

The movies I have seen on the 'top' list are animated movies. You can thank Katie for that.
Independence Day and Jurassic Park are on that list too...and I have seen and liked those.
In fact, I love Independence Day.

"Welcome to earth."

Once upon a time, John Travolta ruled the top ten box office list.
Grease and Urban Cowboy and Saturday Night Fever.

Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg too.

Ah well...things change...

But I'm not buying...
and you can't make me.

I am not saying that the movies I've listed are not good. They are probably wonderful and exciting and great but to would be like eating lima beans.

Here is a clip from a Steven Spielberg movie called Empire of the Sun. I have shared it three times on this blog.
I don't spot it on lists and no one but me talks about it. But it is beautiful in all sorts of ways...

Jim is separated from his parents and is in a camp in China/Japan during WWII. He has been industrious and wily in order to survive. His great love as a little boy has always been airplanes and before the war he sang in the choir.

That's Christian Bale...he is the new Batman.
I used this movie as part of my WWII high school curriculum.
This movie is based on a book of the same name by J.G. Ballard and it is a true story.
It is a perfect scene.

And here is one last thing....

I could not watch Mama Mia for more than 15 minutes because I thought it was absolutely the worst thing I ever saw and I can't watch more than 30 minutes of Napoleon Dymanite...something about that movie makes me sad.

Has anyone seen all of the movies I have not seen? Most of them?
I'll bet my kids have seen most of them....

I have gone from being totally 'in the know' to being officially out of it....

And it doesn't bother me one little bit.


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