Saturday, July 30, 2011

Morning. It's quiet here in Omaha.
Yup. The missing Asher and needing to kiss his sweet head got too much for Katie and me.
We decided at ten and were in the car by twelve.

Melinda is very gracious to say, 'of course...come'

We drove straight to a baseball field were they had tickets for a Triple A ball game.
It was hot and sweaty. We perspired and Asher's brown hair was a mass of curls.

We got home late so everyone is still asleep except me and Matthew. Matthew is working this morning...and I'm doing this.

Melinda arrived at the game last. When Asher saw her he lit up, wiggling his hands and feet,and when she held him...he gave her a big baby kiss on the mouth. His mouth wide open. Sweetest thing.

Asher 's grandparents were at the game too. It's nice to see how much they love him and he loves them back!
It doesn't make me makes me happy for Asher and Matthew and Melinda to have so much love and support in their lives.

I am thankful that we are only 6 1/2 hours away and can make the trip pretty easily.
I'm thankful to be here in this quiet house in Nebraska....waiting for everyone to wake up.

Thank you also for the nice comments and compliments on yesterday's blog.
Hearing from you is lovely and appreciated. More than you know.

With love,

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