Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank you for the lovely toasts you left in the comments. I thought they were wonderful.

Dawn K said what I would have said...if I was so eloquent.

May God bless you two in your life together.
Laugh often. Listen carefully. Forgive constantly.


I was able to get Marysa and Kurt to come out for a few shots as the sun was setting.
It was so hot out, but they didn't feel it! They were excited and full of joy!
They are both so dear. They adore one another, love to have fun, love their families and are amazing students.
(Both still in graduate school.) Their parents should be very very proud of them and I know they are.

Keith hosted a lovely party. Inviting so many people!
Things have changed as far as rehearsal dinners go. Used to be just the bridal party....
Now many people have big gatherings. I'm actually I get to go :o)

Keith chose a gorgeous spot with delicious food.
The bar had Mr. Pibb. :o)

On the tables were Chianti bottles with candles and vines. Did I tell you it is a winery?
Keith made the decorations himself!!! He is kind of remarkable.



Jeffery is Kurt's younger brother. Jeff just graduated from school. He is a digital computer artist. If you know anyone at Pixar, let me know! :o) Really.
Wes is Kurt's twin. Wes is married to Stephanie. They got married in Florida two summers ago.
They are happily living, working and going to school in Michigan.

I did not get pictures of everyone, that is for sure.
Only the people who ventured out to look at the river.








Kiss every day.

more to come....

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