Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Jan. 21st I took a picture of Katie outside on a hill.
It was the coldest day of the year.
You know, a high of zero kind of day.


Yesterday when the thermometer hit 100
I thought it was only fitting to take a hottest day of the year picture.


She had just finished volleyball camp and had beads of sweat on her nose.

She actually looks fine, doesn't she? Well. I wasn't going to try to make her LOOK hotter.


I did however, tell her to do something with her hands.


Katie has a terrible case of swimmers ear. It hurts very much this morning.
It hurt yesterday too but I hoped it would go away so waited.

I am planning a trip to the Dr. this afternoon if I can get in.
Will the Dr. be able to help?

Katie is leaving for camp on Friday.

Of course.

Any home remedies will be appreciated.

p.s. the child can't take pills. She doesn't mind shots but the thought of swallowing a tiny pill sends her over the edge.

Thanks in advance!

Encourage one another,

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