Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Right now it is cool...
Wisconsin summer cool.
It is 63 degrees at 8 am.

It sun will warm things up and we will get to the mid to upper 70's today.

And that will be fine.

That will be gloriously fine.

The last month we have been baking like the folks from Illinois.
Hot and humid.

Like the summers I remember from my youth.

Lots of sun and hot weather.

Either I was in the chilly house or I was outside in the backyard sun tanning and swimming in the pool. I swam every day of the summer.
I swam at night too.

Water is very refreshing. It makes the heat bearable.

I had forgotten how wonderful it felt.

My pride keeps me on the sidelines. It keeps me out of a suit.
Sitting poolside and not going in the pool is NOT fun. It is hot and sweaty.

On Saturday, it was a gorgeous, hot day. Our pool is open only on the weekends and week nights.
Katie wanted to go and who can blame her, but I was too hot to sit outside with her.

She called a few people but as usual had no one to go with.

We decided to let her go alone.
Patrick drove her over to the pool.


Fifteen minutes later when he returned, I told him how sad I thought it was that she had to go alone.
It was so sad to me, I went upstairs, put on my suit came downstairs, got in the car and went to the pool.

I surprised Katie by jumping right in.

I surprised myself by how GREAT it feels to be in the cool, cool water!

Katie carried me like a baby and I carried her.
We had hand stand contests. (which I won)
I showed her how to do a back hand spring in the water.
We tried to sit on the bottom.

Strangely I am way too buoyant to do this.

If there was a Olympic Event for floating. I guarantee you, I would win.

I float without effort.

Katie does not.

She wondered why.

I said. Think stone and sponge.

So we paddled and played and got out to rest a little. I had my blinders on and imagined that no one was looking at me.
The breeze felt cool now against my wet cooled off body. It was honestly the best feeling in the world to me.
There is nothing like all.


Here is just one of my observations.

Katie's long hair on exiting the pool hung and blew like a beautiful, ethereal mermaid...
I thought mine must look the same way until I caught a glimpse of myself in the dressing room mirror.
Crazy bag lady hair. On a bad day.

Why? Why?

Yup. Going to the pool is wonderful and refreshing and it takes all the mind control I can muster to pretend I am
the invisible woman....but I need to do it more often because the good parts are really good.

And Katie was happy.


Katie's mom
floater extraordinaire

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