Friday, May 11, 2012

Fabulous Flash Back Friday Photo!


This one stands alone.

Our mom and dad are in the center.
Grandma Glyman is on the left and Aunt Dorothy is on the right.

What can I say about Grandma Glyman?
She loved her children.
She loved to play cards.
She had beautiful hands and hair and big gold sparkly jewerly.

I don't have memories of conversations or opinions.

I have memories of butter cookies and cigarettes.

Oh!  I can remember one thing.

Sue and I went to Aunt Lola's and Uncle Don's house for Thanksgiving one year.
Sue was living in the city and I came up from college to spend the holiday with her.
We picked up Grandma from her apartment on Lake Shore Dr. and drove up to Lake Forest.

The only thing I can remember is this.

After dinner we all got in Sue's car.
It was very cold.

Grandma said, "Does this car have heat?"

It makes me chuckle even now.

Grandma was the Queen Mother.

I have her name.


It always embarrassed me.  But I think it's kind of cute now.  Now that the Borden Milk cow is out of fashion.

If Grandma was the Queen.  Aunt Dorothy was the Greek Princess.
First of all, doesn't Cindy look remarkably like Aunt Dorothy?

Aunt Dorothy was so high class and elegant and fashionable and chic.
Seriously chic.

But she was the warmest, most loving, hospitable, affectionate woman in the world.
And boy could she cook.

I remember many talks and many meals with Aunt Dorothy.
She was a fierce and loyal momma and devoted daughter.

If Nancy and by brother in law Bink had not taken guaridanship over the Glyman girls, Aunt Dorothy would have.   She nonetheless watched over us and watched over her mom.

She was our movie star....who was really just a hard working-girl from Chicago...with tons of style!

I am thankful they were such a big and present part of my life growing up.





Pretty pictures taken yesterday at Katie's school.

Don't you just love columbines?

Encourage one another,