Thursday, May 10, 2012


Finishing up. On deck.

I will win no awards for speed reading.  I have been reading Bringing up Bebe for weeks and weeks.
I read before I go to sleep every night.  Sometimes it's three pages, sometimes it's 30.

Bringing up Bebe is very well written.  It is funny and insightful.
I am putting many of the French ways into practice with Katie and Ginny.

Just this morning I commanded Ginny to come and give me the comb.  I gave her the 'big eyes', just like the French mommas do.  She trotted right over and gave it to me.

It was a miracle.

Pamela Druckerman tries many of the French methods.  Some work for her, some don't.
She does not shame.  She observes.

I love the book.


Next on tap is Stephen Kings new book called 11/22/63.
From what the jacket says, it is more of a time travel book than a horror book.
Time travel back to the 1960's.

I have only read the first four pages.
I have already cried.
The beginning has a story so touching that I cried and then I read it to Katie,
and then I cried some more and she had to read to me.

This happens to me.

When something touches my heart, I weep.

I think a lot of people don't read Stephen King because of his ghoulish material.
Actually, he is a wonderful storyteller.


This morning I spilled my Chai in aisle 5 at Target.
What a mess.  Sheesh.

I bought ingredients to make a Carrot Cake for the Teacher Appreciation party tomorrow at school.

Here is a link to my recipe.  I got it from my college roommate Kathy Hanrahan.

Delicious Carrot Cake with no raisins or nuts :o)

My most favorite recipes are on my recipe blog.
If you didn't know I had's always right there on my right sidebar.

Recipes I have know and loved


As I drove home from Target I had the window open and alongside the road a tractor was mowing.
I took a big sniff.  Is there anything better than sunshine and the smell of grass?


I am dying to talk about American Idol today.
If you want to leave your opinions on who will go home today, if you agree with the judges, and who you think will win the whole thing....I would LOVE that.


Encourage one another,