Tuesday, May 29, 2012

kathyb requested a picture of my cut and color.

Cut and color :)

I put this on Instagram....so in my mind I had shared it.
So here it is.
It will never look like this again.

Shower surprise!!!

Once I was done with my antibiotics, I felt much better and decided last minute to go to Chicago for my niece Lindsay's wedding shower.  Here is Lindsay with one of her sisters, Ashley.  Ashley was the surprise for the day!  She flew in from Arizona!  Aren't they darling?  They are very lovely girls.
So happy to spent some time with all of my nieces and such wonderful extended family.  My sister's Nancy's in laws were a huge part of our family after our parents died.  They have a very special place in my heart.  I'm very thankful for all of the Scotts!


I drove into the city to gather Emma and bring her home.
We drank caffeinated drinks, ate brats, went to Men in Black 3.
Emma walked and ran with Ginny.
Ginny loves her lots.

Fun Fact:  I cried at the end of MIB3.  And not just silent tears.
Shoulder shaking silent sob.
It was so embarrassing.

Brat fest Madison

Pool #1

We found the ONLY pool open in the Madison area.  New Glarus.
It was over 90 degrees.
Patrick and I even went swimming.
The girls had fun on the diving board.
I tried to explain a jack knife dive to Emma.  She tried it. Twice. The second time she did a fine....
belly flop.
She did however do a fine flip.

Katie is less adventurous.
She is a canon ball girl.


Emma's one and only expensive pair of sunglasses were stolen at the pool.
Oakleys that she got for her birthday about four years ago.
So we looked for new glasses at Target.

She chose neon green aviators which she is free to lose.
(Code for cheap.)

Love this! Find Katie.

Emma took a picture of us. We both look so very serene.

Katie very cleverly got in the shot...without us knowing.
GREAT photo bomb Katie Gracie!!!

Now Emma is gone. She will serve her last month with Just Embrace.  She will continue to be present in the community and participate in many Just Embrace activities, but she will just not live in the same house.   Katie is at school for the rest of the week and then summer vacation is HERE!


Lots going on.

Matthew and Melinda went to visit Patrick in California.
Asher is sick with blisters.  Please pray for him to feel better.
This is their one big trip and gosh!....it's really terrible that Asher is sick.

Encourage one another,