Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Morning Everybody.

Well.  Last night was a thrilling night of television watching!

The finale of Dancing with the Stars was on and our wonderful Green Bay Packer, Donald Driver won the whole thing!  Up until Monday night, Donald was not really who I thought would win, but then he danced a fabulous freestyle dance and he really entertained!  You just couldn't help but love it.

Congrats Donald and Peta!

Then we had the finale of American Idol.
I felt Phillip's first two songs were boring-ish.
Jessica's were dynamic.  She really can sing.
But then.  Each contestant sings a song that Idol has written for them.
It is the song that will be released when they win.
Jessica's was not my cuppa.
BUT Phillip's song was amazing.
How often do you hear a song for the first time...and you love it.
This song alone will make Phillip the winner tonight.
That's my guess.
Like Donald's one dance.  Phillip's song "Home" will win it for him and it will be a huge hit.

It could be the homeschoolers anthem.

Any way.  I loved it.  Katie and Matthew and I all thought it sounded like Mumford and Sons and then Randy said just that.  Randy also said it sounded a bit like Fleet Foxes and I can hear that too.
No wonder I loved it.


I wrote a post on Instagram for The Pioneer Woman.  If you would like to pick up a few editing tips, hop on over the P-Dubs website.

Instagram 101


Here are a few pictures I took last night in the beautiful seven o'clock light.



Dr. appointment update.

I got a call this morning at 7:45 from Urologist office.  I have an appointment on Friday morning.
Woo!   I am very happy about this.

I'm in like flynn? flint?

What the heck does that mean anyway?

Have a wonderful day!

Add to the beauty,