Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good morning.

First let's talk about the updated movie list.

Movies I am glad I saw since 2000:

Little Miss Sunshine
A Beautiful Mind
Finding Nemo
Despicable Me
portions of UP (I can't stand the flying, talking dogs...but I love the people stories)
The Kings Speech
Love Actually

Movies I have loved since 2000:

In Bruge
She's the One*
30 going on 13
Jane Eyre (with ruth wilson and toby stevens, 2006)*
Persuasion (rupert penry-jones and sally hawkins, 2007)*
Slum Dog Millionaire*
The Help*
Best in Show
Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Cast Away
About a Boy
The Holiday*
Somethings Gotta Give*
Julie and Julia*

The movies with the asterisk are the ones, I really, really love.
With prose like that, Roger Ebert needs to watch out.
I'm a really really good movie reviewer. ha.
Some of these movies are very mature.  Some very violent.


For a year now I have had intermittent pain in my body.
I've felt it when I am under stress and attributed it to dehydration.
About a month ago I googled my symptoms and thought it sounded like kidney stones.
But my pain was very mild compared to what people describe.
Yesterday I had more pain than usual and a fever.

With urging from friends and family I went to the ER last night.
They found a large bladder stone and I have a UTI.
Most likely I will have surgery to have the bladder stone removed.

I'm not too worried about this.
What's another tummy surgery?

I just don't like these medical things to interfere with my social plans.

I will be missing out on the graduation of my good friend Amy's daughter today.



Congratulations Emily!

You are a remarkable girl.  I hope you love learning and growing at Wheaton College!
Everyone is so proud of you.

And are The Amazing Amy!
Congratulations on guiding and teaching your dear girl!
Well done.  Well done.

Happy weekend dear friends!

Encourage one another,