Monday, May 14, 2012


Meet Jenny and Laura. They were my photography students on Saturday!
Laura has come down to Madison once before and she tells me that she went straight home and shared everything I taught her with her sister.

The girls especially like portrait photography and are tip toeing into wedding photography.

They wondered what lens they might get next....
Since all three of us shoot Nikons, I was able to let them try out the 35mm and the 85mm that I have.

I know Laura loved the 85mm. Jenny is quieter but I gathered she liked the 85mm too.  It's kind of a built in personal space buffer...that 85mm.

Last time Laura came she went right out and bought a new camera.  I have a feeling she will be buying an 85mm soon.
Her husband is never going to let her come here again.


Anyway, both girls edit with Lightroom so I opened up Lightroom and show them a trick or two.
And then I edited my pictures for the day with my Sesame Ellis Lightroom Presets.

The color pictures on today's blog were edited with Overcast action and the B & W were edited with the Ilford preset.



Katie modeled for us.  Thanks sweetie.
She was excited to wear her new dress.


Oh! for comparison...this is my traditional photoshop edit.


quiet time preset


fresh water preset

why do i love a blurry picture so much....
it's so weird
but i do

Thank you for coming to see me,  Jenny and Laura.
I had so much fun teaching you.
Thanks for encouraging me to open up LR again.

I like it.

Encourage one another,