Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Best Thing I Ever Ate: Internet Edition

With all the pinning and reading and filing and drooling....I have not tried as many dishes as you might imagine.  I pin pretty things that are way too complicated to make.  I drool over seafood dishes that I am afraid to make (seafood scares me).
But I have tried a few things that have become big successes.

I will start with the biggest success of all.

The Pioneer Woman's Steak Bites.

These win.  No contest.
Want to know why?

Because of all the things I have tried in the last five years....this is the one thing Patrick will eat and he loves them.

Steak bites are in the regular meal rotation.
We all love them.

As for the rest of the dishes....

Well...mostly only me and sometimes Katie will eat them.

I don't get a lot of encouragement in this area of my life.

This is my favorite NEW thing I have ever made.
I use a different dumpling recipe that comes from Alton Brown.
But the flavors in this recipe are wonderful.  I love it so much and I have made it about ten times.
Katie will eat it with me, but she got tired of it by the end of last winter.

This pasta is out of this world delicious.
I'll stop telling you who in my family will eat this and that.
Just believe me, any normal person will eat this and the recipes to follow.

Cinnamon Caramel Pecan Bread


White Chicken Enchiladas

so good

Poppy Seed Chicken


Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares

mine were not so pretty


I have a few recipes that are calling my name.....

Baked Garlic Shrimp

Wonton Chicken Salad

Autumn Chopped Salad

Which one should I make next?

The Lonely Chef


Everyone ate these.