Friday, August 17, 2012

Where Oh Where is Oneca. Someone get me a map.

Sunday we planned to visit  my brother Jim and his wife Tilde. They were attending a horse show that Tilde's daughter Kath was showing in.

Oneca Mass.

Cheryl programed in into her Garmond.
I worried the whole way.
She said Hail Mary's.

It freaked me out that I could not see the destination on the monitor and the way we went was different from the map...and I don't trust those things.

Cheryl said, if we get to the wrong place....we will figure it out...eventually.
Miss Laid Back.

I, on the other hand, am Tessy Type A in the car.

Thing is....we did get there...every thing was all right.


Jim and Tilde brought their brand new puppy.
English Shepherd, I think.
She is the perfect pup.
Her name is Kenzie.

Tilde's daughter Kath is showing her two year old horse, Trixxie.




Trixxie did very well at the show.  Kath was so proud of her.
It was great to meet her! What a lovely girl!
I was really happy to see Jim and Tilde.  

I always dreamed of having a horse when I was a little girl.  A white one.
It's name would have been Windy....or Wind.

I loved Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and the beautiful horse movies they would play on Family Classics.  But it was truly a childhood dream.  It did not stay with me into high school.  Just kind of faded away.


On Saturday afternoon a friend of Cheryl's came over for a visit with her sweet little girls.  Turns out Shelly has been reading Quiet Life for a long time.  Once again, I was humbled and amazed at the wonderful people who read this blog.  All the way in Rhode Island.
Shelly brought a pink and green party with her.  Pink and Green Donuts from their favorite bakery. Pink and green collar for Ginny and pink and green key fob for me and two darling head bands for Katie.   Absolutely adorable.
Seems Shelly noticed my pink and green phone case.  What a fabulous!!
Shelly is a mom to five children two sets of twins and a little guy named Ted.  Oh my.  She must be so she works a few jobs...and plans pink and green parties. So kind and inspirational.
Why she reads my blog and wanted to meet me....who knows....but thank you for coming all the way to Little Compton!  It was a delight to meet you!


And since it is Friday...let's Flash Back...shall we.


Cheryl asked if the boys got along.

This picture says it all.


Our dads birthday is in a few days.
He would be 85 this year.

Gosh.  I love this picture.
Gosh.  I miss him.
Love you Dad.

Happy Friday.

Our hot hot hot hot summer has departed...I hope for good.
I have the windows and doors thrown wide open.
This is how summer should be in Wisconsin....and I'm thankful it has finally arrived.

That heat really cramped my style.

We are going to see Mumford and Sons in Dixon Illinois tomorrow.
The weather has cooperated fantastically....
but I have a whole bushel full of worries that remain.

Encourage one another,