Saturday, August 04, 2012


Katie and I drove to Appleton to visit our wonderful friends.
Amy and I met at a homeschool message board, The Well Trained Mind.
When I moved to our little town, Amy came up to me at a meeting and asked if I was donnabooshay.
I think she said, "Are you donnabooshay?  I know all about you."


A little while later she invited Katie and I over for a visit.
Katie and Carrie were very young, perhaps four.
Amy and I were young too.

The girls played well that first day and then we invited Carrie to our house to play.
The girls pretended to be cats and Katie scratched Carrie.
Carrie cried and wanted to go home.

I thought Katie's chance for a friend was doomed.

But Amy is a down to earth and sensible mother and did not let Katie's play scare her off.
Thank you Amy.

They are such sweet girls. Carrie has a wonderful imagination and the girls disappear to think up fun things to do. Which is wonderful because Amy and I can talk and talk and talk.

Amy and family moved away about four years ago.
It is very sad.


Carrie's big sister Emily is going to college soon.
Emily is a homeschool graduate.  She is amazing like her mom.

Oh! She will be missed.

Emily...I have something to say to you....

Be always coming home.

From my quiet desk