Monday, August 27, 2012

Seventh Grade

Today was Katie's first day of seventh grade.
Do you remember your first day of seventh grade?
I do.
My friends names were Claire, Heidi and Lynn.
The big deal at the time: who would be wearing nylons.
The school: Edison Jr. High School, Wheaton, Ill.
The colors gold and black.

Other than that.  Not many memories of the first day.  Just the walking up to the school on a very sunny morning.

Katie didn't worry about anything.
She has been practicing her sock bun.
I picked out her dress.  (No vees or scoop necks.  Length to the knee. School rules.)
Gladly she wore it.


(Ginny likes to be in the picture.  This was all her idea. I was taking a picture of Katie's first attempt at a sock bun. We watched a tutorial on Youtube to learn.)


This morning...before she put on her orange ballet flats.


Blessed Sacrament starts out with just three 1/2 days and then goes to full days.
It's nice.  I think tomorrow we will go out for lunch.

If you ever wonder why we send Katie to Blessed Sacrament,
it is because of days like today.
The church was overflowing with children and their parents.

The priest spoke of St. Monica (St. Augustine's mom)
St Monica is known for being a faithful wife and mother.
Always praying for her son.

And then we sang this song and I teared up because the words were so very perfect.

Go, Be Justice

Go, be Justice for God's people;
Teach the hardened heart to learn.
Break the bread of true communion,
Pour the cup of true concern.
Feed the hungry, house the homeless,
Catch the tyrant in their lies;
Be the Lord's anointed servant
So God's justice never dies.

Go, be healing to God's people;
Seek and share the saving call.
Be the touch of Christ for others,
Be the voice of Christ for all.
Lives are broken all around you,
And Christ has no hands but yours;
Hold in them the ones who suffer
So Christ healing love endures.

Go, be mercy to God's people
In forgiveness freely shown;
Find the stranger, call her kindred,
Find the exile, call him home.
Age to age God's mercy welcomes
With a love that will not cease;
Go, be Christ-light to God's people
Be an instrument of peace.

Blessed Sacrament.
It's a good place for our Katie to be.
Such a blessing.

Encourage one another,