Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My partner in crime :)

Here is Katie at the airport.  We flew to Providence R.I.  My friend Cheryl picked us up and drove us to her beautiful, comfortable, air conditioned home in Little Compton.


Where we were greeted by Henry (girl), Gus, and Emma.


Katie and Gus

Bakers beach

We drove around Little Compton and Westport and many other little teeny tiny towns...so tiny, I can only compare them to Hooterville.  Hotterville filled with Yankees and Preppies, not hicks.  hehe




Our first stop at a beach.  This is what the weather was like 90% of the time we were there.
We did not let it stop us from having a great time.


This picture was blurry so I edited it.  A lot.

And then I made a water color.


Katie frolicked.
Cheryl and I talked.
And talked.
And talked.

More tomorrow.

Thanks for looking at my pictures.  It's more fun when you share, isn't it?

Encourage one another,