Tuesday, August 07, 2012

In which I teach.


And dear Katie models and helps me clean and walks the dog and encourages me.


On Saturday I taught the sweetest couple from Illinois and yesterday I taught a lovely mom from Indiana.  I'm honored they come to Madison to meet with me and trust me to teach them.  I try so hard and gosh I get stressed out.  But Katie tells me I'm doing fine.  She says, "You did great mom!'


Melissa and Brian are in this together.  He loves the camera and she loves to make books and edit.
Melissa has a wonderful attitude. Keeping the marriage fresh with shared interests.  So great! They have two small children.


Here is beautiful Tawnya.  Some people you meet and you feel like you have always been friends. That's how we felt.  Tawnya and her sweet husband have four children, one son who is almost twenty and then three little ones.  The reverse of us with three bigs and one little.


The light was better for my second class so I took many more pictures.


Here I was showing how to find those bubbles of light.


A different perspective and a moving target can be fun!


Full noon day sun.  yow.




I love black and white....or tritones.

I feel really blessed to meet such fine people because of blogging and photography!
I love fine people.
I kinda like photography.


Speaking of fine people....
Katie and I are flying to Rhode Island to visit my dear friend Cheryl.
We can not wait to sit on the beach and watch Katie play.  We just can't wait to sit on her couch and talk....and talk...and talk....

There are lovely things to see and do and eat....I am sure....but the main attraction is the talking for us...
and well....the beach and the dogs for Katie.

When Cheryl texts me....I need only say one word in return most times....  "same".

It's just the way we are.   Tragedy brought us together...God brought us together...
All of my truest friends have been gifts from God.  I have waited for friends and God has given me precious, fabulous ones :o)

The blogging will be spotty until Monday/Tuesday.
My brother Jim lives on the east coast so we are so happy to get to see him too!!

If you want to follow along, really the best way is my Instagram feed on Instagram or the Instagram pictures I will be posting to Facebook.  I Twitter too...but that's kind of a bust most times.
"Hellllllloooooo out there......"

So instagram if you can get on....I'm mizbooshay

Lots of love!
I'll miss you.  Really.

Encourage one another,