Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Compton, Lee's Market and Food Glorious Food.

On Saturday Cheryl showed us her little town.


That's all folks.

I am standing in front of the United Congregational Church when I took this picture.

General Store, Church, Cemetery, Town Hall, Bank and a realtor.
No. Starbucks.




Little Compton, I love you just as you are.


These were at the foundation of the church.  I loved them.

I like order.  Always have.  My mom told me she noticed this about me because I would line up the pins on her tomato pin cushion.  (rabbit trail)



(name that movie)

and that's probably not even moss is it....lichen or something or other....


And then...I wanted to try a lobster roll and some clam chowder.  All in one day.

Notice the skim shot.  I learned this angle from The Pioneer Woman.


We took pictures of our food.

Cheryl picked a better plate than I did.
I borrowed it from her for a minute.


And I borrowed that big piece of lobster and plopped it on my roll.
I gave it back.


Katie had leftovers.  She was not interested in a lobster roll.
She was however interested in the Pirate's Booty Cheryl bought her at Lee's Grocery store.
So interested that she ate the whole bag.
She was not interested in dinner that night.  Tummy ache.
It was then I realized she ate the WHOLE thing.


After picking up the lobster rolls we stopped at Orr's farm stand.
This picture says mom and pop stand, doesn't it?

Orr's farmstand


This is coffee milk.  They sell it in stores and at restaurants along with chocolate milk and white milk.


Nice bottles.

Cheryl has a local grocery store called Lee's Market.  What great products and great service!
She is devoted to them...and they are good to her.
Small town folks stick together.
It's a good thing.


This is how Rhode Islanders make coffee milk at home.


Since there is no Starbucks, this is how Cheryl makes her coffee at home.


She even has a neat foam thingy.
(Emma, you need one of these.)

That evening we had clam chowder.  Chery's son Graham ran to the store to pick it up.
I don't know where he got it...but oh my goodness, it was perfection.  So creamy. So yummy.
Thank you Graham.  Thank you Cheryl.

What a great day of exploring and eating in Rhode Island!!!

Are you hungry yet?
I am!!

Encourage one another and bon appetit!

p.s. we also had a very special visit Saturday afternoon....
I'll tell you about that tomorrow.
Hi Shelly!