Friday, October 19, 2012

Flash Back Friday-Injun Summer


This wonderful illustration and story was in the Chicago Tribune every year for many decades.
It was eventually pulled when people became more sensitive to the native americans.
This week after years of searching, I found it online.
I was endlessly facinated with the drawings.
I don't think I ever read the story all the way thru.

Today I share this clever piece with you.

This is what a googled;  bonfire halloween illustration Trib


Stephie sent me this beautiful, heart felt rendition of As the Fire is meant for burning last night.

Enjoy it today.  She is a real blessing with a lovely gift.
I've only listened to it 8 times already. :o)

Let your light so shine sweetie!!!

Wishing you a wonderful fall weekend filled with bonfires and stories and song.

Encourage one another,