Thursday, October 25, 2012

I think about love.


Today is Suzy's birthday.
Her birthday and my birthday were always linked in my mind.
We were the same age for a month.
No one seemed to care much about this...but it was always super cool to me.

"Now I get to stay up as late as Sue does!"

But.  It didn't ever work that way.
Sue was so much more mature than I was.

(Apparently when you have two children in one year the first one gets all the smarts and gumption and the second one is a happy jack.)

But when I think of Sue now, I think of all of my siblings.
I think of how loving Sue was and how much we all love her.
I think of how much more love and respect I have for my brother and sisters after what
we have been thru in losing Sue.

There is grace with one another.
There is love that only seems to grow.

I am a part of an amazing family.

Miss you Sue.
Love you.
Meant it.

Donna Elsie