Saturday, October 27, 2012

Visiting Emma in Edgewater/Chicago


Katie and I dashed down to Chicago for a quick Emma visit.  Fall volleyball has kept us here in town and when we found we had two days off, we made plans.  Emma arranged her work schedule so she could spend the day with us on Friday.

When we got to Chicago it was 75 degrees....


twenty four hours was cold!!!

Emma lives steps from the lake and it is wonderful...but very windy!


We went to the Art Institute yesterday.  I haven't been in about five years, I think.
One must visit your favorites.  We covered a lot of ground and took a gazillion steps to visit our old friends.


This is a new and impressive piece to me.  It is a Warhol.
Loved it.


We trekked over to the American work to see American Gothic.
She is forlorn.

I had the most fun posing the girls in front of the pieces.
It was crowded and took some doing....but I have a new favorite way to take pictures at the museum.

I gotta run!
Ginny needs to be picked up at her wonderful baby sitter's place.

Thank you for the very beautiful and touching comments you left on Sue's birthday.
You have been a comfort and blessing to me all along the way.
Lots of love,