Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wool Rocks

I am reading the book Sheepish.  
I stopped reading it to read a teen book called Stargirl,
but I'm back to Sheepish.

Farming and ranching are popular subjects.
They are very much romanticised tho, aren't they?

I mean really.  They are so lovely until you smell them.

But I like learning about the sheep.
I happen to love wool.  I'm a wool snob.
I mean...cashmere is my wool of choice. ( and i suppose that is not even considered wool and considered fiber since i think it's from a goat or something...)

But wool is a wonderful thing.

Campaign for wool. 

From Sheepish by Catherine Friend

 The author writes  “wool fibers can be bent back on themselves more than twenty thousands times without breaking”. Cotton breaks in about 4000.

There are 220 yards of wool in one baseball. The wool makes the bounce.

Wool has been used to clean up oil spills, insulate houses, pad ballet toe shoes and keep military members warm. It is a safe fabric since it is fire resistant.

 “If you joined the fiber of five Merino sheep end to end, you could wrap a thread of wool around the world.”

It's funny, I have organically loved wool for a very long time...
It fun to learn more reasons that make it so great.

Source: ravelry.com via Donna on Pinterest

I want one.
or two.

Encourage one another,

p.s. Sorry Di.