Saturday, October 13, 2012



This herb is a must have in our house.  About ten years ago I saw Dr. Weil mention Astragalus on a talk show.  He was asked if he took the flu shot.  He said, no, I take Astragalus.

Now I'm not telling you to take or not take a flu shot.
But I don't like to take shots.
My husband does.

But he is highly susceptible to colds.  He use to have a cold 12 times a year.  I am not exaggerating.
He always had a cold and took co-Tylenol every day.

So when I heard of Astragalus, the herb that boosts your immune system, I bought it and suggested Patrick try it.

He tried it and he is down to one or two colds a year.  
He is a believer.  He is never without it.  Never.

It's up there with Ketchup.



When I knit a lot I get little owies on my cuticles or finger tips.
These padded band aids worked beautifully.
They are cushioned and made me forget all about my tender fingers.

The one weird thing that happened was that when I took it off, it stuck to my little split...
I don't know if I had it on too long (three days), but it stuck.

Katie tried them on her heels and they did not overly stick to her.

I can't tell you these are the best.   But gosh, when it was on my was great!



I've seen these in the store and finally picked up a package last week.
They are wonderful little dinner rolls.  
I liked them better than most I have tried.
They are very soft and moist.

Exactly what I look for in a dinner roll.

And that's the product rundown for today!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Encourage one another,