Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sneak Peek for Lizzy.


My time with the DoT.

DSC_0246-2 copy

I have to keep today super short. So sorry.

This is my week for recess duty which means I am back and forth to Madison four times during the day.
And today is basketball practice.
More driving.

It is truly the most thankless job I have as a parent.

We all do it. We become the Dept of Transportation.

It's just one of the hard bits.

We all get thru it. Don't we?


I have been late in posting a Sneak Peek for Elizabeth. I had three big sessions and one small session in one week and that has buried me a bit.

But here are a few of your wonderful family, Lizzy. (I think of you as Lizzy cause Janet calls you that :o)




Even the dogs are looking fine :o)


He was so glad to be finished. He was the perfect young gentleman!



Isn't she lovely?

Can't wait for you to see your whole gallery. Your family's beauty and bond is so apparent!
I loved seeing how much you all care for one another.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Encourage one another,

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