Thursday, December 03, 2009

My senior picture.

My senior picture experience was totally different from Hannah's and most of the girl's nowadays.

I don't know if I walked or drove to school. I think I drove. I signed up for my senior picture that was to be taken right there at school. In the band room or the drivers ed lab or somewhere else that was equally dark and distant.

I was wearing a sweater I think I took out of Sue's drawer. My hair got wet on the way from the car to the school. My curls fell.
I sat down and had a very small number of pictures taken and I left.

I wasn't disappointed.


No bells and whistles.
Look here.

It was just the way it was in the 70's.

1975 to be precise.

When did it change?

I would love to see your senior pictures!
Post them on your blogs and leave a link to your site in my comments so we can come by and see the great scope and fun of high school pictures. If you wouldn't mind, share the year you graduated so we can see a timeline of how things have changed.

Sounds like fun to me!


After editing many pictures like this....

I had to break free and mess around.


This is edited with Leah's vintage.

( I love her hands in this picture :o)


This one: Totally Rads POS


And really. who wouldn't want to look back at high school and remember looking like this???


Don't forget to share your photos.

I wonder if they take senior portraits in France?

Encourage one another,

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