Monday, December 28, 2009

Patrick and I went to see It's Complicated on Saturday.
We both enjoyed it even tho we had to sit in the middle of the row and were stuck like sardines without
popcorn. But the movie was funny.

I had lots of advice for Meryl's character but my husband says if she followed my advice
there would be no movie.

So there you go.

I liked Julie and Julia better, I think, when it comes down to my favorite movies of the year.

I made Emma watch Ice Castles with me on Christmas. The Ice Castles from 1979.
You know. The one with Robby Benson.

Oh how I loved that movie and I actually think it held up well.
Except that Lexie sometimes looks blind before she goes blind.
But other than that....

Great movie from my past.

Do you remember Ice Castles?


I'm waiting for the cable guy this morning and then we are heading over to the Luke House for lunch.
The girls are coming with me. They like to serve. Hope we have a big group that feels welcome.
We serve the same meal every month. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
Rib sticking.
Katie's favorite job is taking the desserts around.

I guess I need to think of a meal for dinner. You can only eat left overs for so long.
I could eat them forever. I don't mind left overs at all.
But I'm not alone here.

So perhaps some chicken or steak bites...

Do you get tired of making dinner?

I think Christmas Eve day took more out of me than I realize.


It's not for the weak.

Happy Monday after Christmas!
Hope you are rested and well and happy as clams!

Encourage one another,


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