Monday, December 14, 2009

Knitting and tree shopping...

We shopped for a tree on Saturday. We were smart and went before the temps dropped below zero this year. We usually choose a very cold day to do this.

We were genuinely shocked by the price of trees this year? Is this your experience too?
I expect to pay about $35 for a skinny tree. This year the cheapest tree we could find was...

It's very nice tho...and I am fond of it.



In the process...


My camera deserves to have a little fun too, don't you think?


Yes. I really did put the glasses on the camera.



And when I wasn't decorating the tree or watching the Packers WIN AGAIN...
I was knitting my brains out.

We are almost done with this series of sock knitting tutorials.
Hope this helps.

Happy Monday!

The drive to school this morning was excellent! The street crews did an amazing job between Saturday night and this morning.
They must have worked very hard to clean up the mess. Well done, truck drivers!
Thank you!

Encourage one another,

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