Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Patrick and I went to see a movie last weekend. It was called Everybody's Fine.

We love De Niro.
Beware: This movie is heartbreaking.

My eyes were red and my cheeks were flushed from all the crying.
But as we walked out the door and talked about it on the way home.
My dear husband explained, 'but you are missing the whole point of the movie.'

"What?" I sniffed and mumbled.

"Everybody's Fine." he said.

When we got home I gathered some old Christmas cards from a drawer in my bedroom.

I think you will like them.


I thought Christmas photos were new. But I was wrong.

My mother in law rocked the Christmas photos!

She even has on with all five kids at the altar at church. I wonder where that is? It is a great picture!

But look at my cute husband!!!

He is the smiley one on the left.


Oh my!!! What cute little guys!!!


Here is our first Christmas card picture that I can find. My head looks giant. What's with that?
This picture was taken with a little point and shoot on auto.

Patrick and I were not in the Christmas picture for a super long time after this.
We usually just took pictures of the children.
I do think people like to see every one, once in a while tho, don't you?


Oh my goodness. Look at happy Matthew.
These two were the very best brothers in the world.

Excuse me....where did I put the Kleenex?


This picture is to make my sister Sue cry at work.

Her youngest went off to school this year and it's been hard for her.

How completely adorable are her boys?? And those outfits!

They will all be together for Christmas and they just spent Thanksgiving together....so that is pretty great.

Sue, Patrick says, 'everybody's fine'.

I say,

Enjoy every moment. Be there. Love them. Spoil them. Teach them. Kiss Them. Feed Them.

What happens matters.

Encourage one another and be always coming home,

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