Saturday, January 09, 2010


Basketball season has started! Katie's team had their first game last night.
They play two twenty minute halves and the clock keeps running. Two refs called the game.
There were a few double dribbles and a few fouls.

Our young team lost 25 to 6.

Katie says, "It was exciting and there was a lot of running!"

Oh yea. Katie made a basket.

I didn't see it.

Don't tell her.



Emma will be going back to college tomorrow. I will drive her down early so I can be back for the Packer game at 3:30.

The radio is working. The thermostat is fixed and we have new tires as of yesterday. There is no stopping me now!

Did you ever notice that as soon as your car is paid for, the repairs take over?

Having Emma home has been such a delight this Christmas. She is sweet company and we love being with her.


And because this is my blog and because we love our team....



Encourage one another,

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