Thursday, January 07, 2010


Yeah. Katie seems to have claimed her daddy's hat.
She looks awfully pretty in it. I must say.
(Do you remember who used to say "I must say"?)

But I am so proud of that little girl. She is such a good student.
She is doing well with her notebook and assignments and tests.

It is her willingness to work on things that makes me so proud of her.

She does homework for hours every night. Not fighting. No fussing.
It's like it never crossed her mind that she could rebel or be mad about it.

And I'm not going to tell her.

Perhaps it is her age and her peers right now but I have never heard her say, I don't want to do this!

Let me just say, I am very thankful.
Because I don't think it's anything I did.

The longer I have children, the less I think I know anything about raising them.

That great thing they do or did. Maybe not because of me.

That awful thing they do or did. Maybe not because of me either.

I have been humbled.

It's good to be humbled, I think. I am thankful God gave me the four beautiful
children He gave me. I have loved every minute of parenting them
and with His help I can continue to nurture and love them. But I am glad to know
they are in His perfect, everlasting care.

DSC_1277-3 copy-3

And that's the truth.

Encourage one another,

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