Saturday, January 23, 2010

"If you work really hard, and are kind, amazing things will happen."

Conan O'Brien 1/22/10

Grab a hankie.

Sincere gratitude always makes me weep.


I finished reading Eat, Pray and Love the other night.

The Eat portion of the book rates a 10. I loved everything about it.
The Pray portion of the book rates a 1. I was bored and uninterested.
The Love portion of the book rates a 7, I guess. I found some of the chapters extremely interesting and funny.

Elizabeth writes in a similar style to Anne Lamotte but just not as well or funny or soulful.

I have a few quotes I would like to share from Gilbert's book. But I will save it for another day.

For sure, borrow the book and read the first portion.


I hope the sun shines in your town this weekend...and if it doesn't shine on the outside may
it shine brightly on the inside.

There is just so much love in this world, it's a beautiful, heart warming thing.

Ree's friend Pastor Ryan ends his posts with the words, Love Wins.

I have a mind to steal it. I think they are just the best two words around.

Hey. I could get it on my license plates. Wouldn't that be cool?

Luvwins. :o) I think we get seven letters in Wisconsin.

By the way, I have never had a Vanity plate.

Have YOU?

Now there's a question I have never asked!

Tell us all about your vanity plates!

Real or imaginary!

Encourage one another,

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