Thursday, January 14, 2010

call yourself a cool cat
looking like a fool
walking down town
with your
pants on the ground


American Idol is back.

Nuttier than ever!


Is anyone still watching Ugly Betty? I like that show very much and it has been moved around and messed with this season and I hear the numbers are not the best.

I am rooting for it. And I want Gio to come back.

I don't suppose anyone cares.


And Grey's Anatomy has been gone so long I can't even remember what is going on.
Do you watch Private Practice? I don't.


Golden Globes are this weekend. So fun. This is my favorite award show because television and movies are
honored at the same show. Come back for the fashion show on Monday.


Has anyone seen Up in the Air? My sister Cindy saw it and loved did Regis and Kelly.

I think it is the late in the day hot movie of the season.

Regis usually knows these things.



Here's my 365 from yesterday.
I tried many times to take a picture of a pillow in Katie's room and hunted down the cat for a picture...but
nothing was really jumping out at me.

And then I took this picture of myself in the bathroom.

Eye Candy Action: Pretty Gritty.

It's not every day my hair looks this nice. I have to take advantage of these fleeting moments.


Happy Thursday!

Katie is trying out for a Variety show at school. She is doing 'The Queen' Monologue from "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown."

I sure hope it goes well.

Encourage one another,

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