Monday, January 11, 2010


"You could do that in a day!"

"I just did!"

I called my sister Cindy to talk me home yesterday afternoon.
I left Chicago at noon and was feeling sleepy around Rockford,
so I called Cindy. Cindy always makes me laugh.

As I pulled into Madison, I told Cindy I was almost home. 2 hours 20 minutes.
Great Time. Great great time from Chicago to our little town near Madison.

And that's when Cindy said....

"You could do that in a day!"

and I said.

"I just did! You could do that twice in a day if you wanted to!!"

But I know what she meant! She lives in Missouri. She can't really do the Chicago trip in a day!
She can do the St. Louis trip and the KC trip. But Chicago is out of her day trip reach.

I love that Emma is in Chicago for school. But my goodness, you should have felt how cold it was there yesterday.
I think I have to remember back to skiing in the UP to recall that kind of cold!

After getting Emma settled in her new dorm/apt. we walked a few blocks to get some Thai food.


(My yummy soupy Chicken Coconut Curry.)

On the way there I put my scarf over my head like a babushka and begged Emma not to make fun of me.
She is young and had cute earmuff things on.

The food was delicious and warm.

Then we walked back and I jumped in the car to come home. I would have stayed longer but wanted to watch the football game at home.


Longtime blog friend Kathyb said I should wave to her when I passed the Old Orchard Exit. But I realized that I don't go past her exit....seems I veer off to the West and miss her altogether.

Silly highways.

I still hope to meet you this year, too, kathy b :o)


I'd rather not talk about the game. It steals my quiet and peace of mind.


Let's talk about how you get your kids to drink water!!!

It is lip splitting season again!

Encourage one another,

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