Monday, January 04, 2010

Socks done.

I finished my socks. (Julia Vesper self striping yarn)

They are soft and a teeny bit baggy.

I looked around to think of a way to take a picture of them that would be
different the the previous finished sock pictures. I pondered
how I could shoot my feet so my ankle didn't look fat.

So I laid on the couch and did a V sit using the map as a background because it is so pretty and I realized
when I was doing the only form of exercise I have done in months, that the colors in the map went perfectly
with my new socks. And after a few minutes of straining, I called Katie to come and help me.

I ordered. She queried. I strained. She stooped.
We laughed. We failed.
She left.
I tried again alone.


This is what passes for good times around here.



Tara Whitney has this print in her office and I spotted it on the wall years ago. I have loved and been inspired by
the saying ever since.

I bought it for myself for Christmas. It encourages me to be positive and grateful and happy.

I should write to Linzie and ask her to make a "What Happens Matters" print.

I would give it to everyone.

Linzie Hunter


Katie starts back at school today.

The radio is fixed and so is the thermostat. (Thank you Patrick!)

It's a happy day.

Oh yeah. And the Packers Rock.

Encourage one another,

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