Tuesday, January 05, 2010

In which I explain why Julie and Julia makes me cry.

Crying at the movies is not a rare occurrence for me.
It is par for the course.

My girls are becoming movie criers now too.
I think Katie may rival my sister Sue. Sue has a very tender heart and
cries very easily. Katie is already crying at the movies. She is getting an early start.

The three of us, me and Katie and Emma, sniffled out way thru the first 10 minutes of Up.
When we saw Blindside last Saturday. We all cried a little bit too.

But when we watch Julie and Julia, I am the only one to cry.
And according to Emma, I cry at the weirdest times.
But, I can't tell her why I am crying because I get all choked up and can't speak.

Here is the part I cry at.

I think you will understand.

Julia has a friend that she has corresponded with thru the mail for many years.
They are wonderful friends and yet they have never met in person.

When they meet up and share a hug in the train station in Paris, I cry.

I can feel it. I can feel it because of blogging for six years and making friends on TWTM boards.

So many of you are my long-lost, never-met-before friends and I would love to meet you
at a train station in Paris and give you a hug.

You are sisters of my heart, just like Julia and Avis.


The best tears are tears of joy, don't you think?


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