Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Girls who went home last night.

"Mommy, what do you mean by guilty pleasure?" wonders Katie.

Yes. I have way too many, I'm afraid.

The Bachelor and the Housewives.

All of the Housewives.

Don't be Tardy for the Party...Whoa-O-O, Whoa-O-O.

But last night was The Bachelor. Jake. The pilot.
(The pilot who has a smile like Tom Cruise, if you ask me.)

Jake seems sincere. He actually said last night that he has friends who didn't kiss until they were serious/married.
(We know people who share this conviction. Just didn't think a Bachelor would.)

So last night he let the tease (the beautiful blue eyed flirt) and the basket case go home.

If he was interested in good TV, he would have kept them on. And actually that is what Ellen told him on her show yesterday afternoon. But Jake has already chosen/not chosen a girl so Ellen's after the fact ideas can't really come into play.

But, what I thought was interesting was....

On Ellen and Regis and Kelly, Jake acts like he has not chosen anyone. I have seen two interviews and he is either a very good secret keeper or he is the worst.

I am reading this like it did not go well.

But that's what is so fun. Those dramatic rose ceremonies.

More dramatic than the last. The most dramatic ever in the history of the world.

But before the rose ceremony, about eight of the girls went on a group date with Jake.
They went to a comedy club. Then they were told they had to get up and tell jokes.
Then they were told they had to do it in front of a real crowd.

I think that was just cruel.
Being a stand up comedian has to be one of the hardest things to do.

I literally had to skip over watching that part. Watching people fail and squirm...makes me squirm.

I would much rather jump off a bridge than tell jokes on stage.

What about you?

Which would you prefer?

Stand up comedy in front of a crowd or bungee jumping?



Katie found my old 1980's Ray Bans.

Lenses big enough?

Encourage one another,

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