Saturday, April 03, 2010

Mugs Up
Columbia Missouri


I think my son Matthew should go into business.
This place has it going on.
For some reason I think he would be a great business owner.

Mugs Up is a shack of a drive in.
A shack!

The main attraction is the root beer and the loose meat sandwiches.

Loose MEAT!

Now. We don't have loose meat in Wisconsin.
And it's fabulous.

If you are in the know you order a cheese zip with the works.

Sue and Cindy ordered a cheese zip with the works and diet Cokes.
I ordered a Root Beer.

Smooth root beer.
Soft white bun.
Onions, cheese wiz and a pickle.

The waitress asked if we wanted any thing else; fries?
Oh no. We are watching our figures.

Yes. We need more Mugs Ups.


The weather was summery....

I will remember driving with the windows down and our arms out
with Sue and Cindy.

Simple, precious memories.

Encourage one another,

p.s. Where is your favorite joint?

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